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Humans resonate at a fundamental level and have a natural desire to want to share with others. Senses also resonate and evoke synesthetic expressions and experiences. Taking inspiration from those thoughts in our name Resonair, we are committed to creative work that is universal and unrestricted by any categories, genres, culture or race. Our artists, musicians, storytellers, engineers, producers and directors -- each a creator in its own field make this happen.

Produced by Enhance, Resonair played a key role in the 2016 release of Rez Infinite -- a title that won high praise from fans and critics alike, as well as the first-ever Best VR Game title at The Game Awards that same year. Earning over 40 industry nominations including the BAFTA Games Awards (Audio Achievement category), the VR-compatible game maintains its position as the one of the highest rated titles. Rez Infinite is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 4/PlayStation VR, PC (Steam), HTC VIVE, Oculus and Daydream.


Music Composer
Their first work was music for Rez Infinite in 2016, followed by 'Connected (Yours Forever),' 'Always Been But Never Dreamed' and other tracks for the 2018 release of Tetris Effect. With synesthetic expression at its core, they are constantly exploring ways to create memorable musical/sound experiences with a whole new dimension by carefully marrying sound, visual and bodily sensation.

Takashi Ishihara

Artist, Art Director, Director
Heavily Influenced by Wassily Kandinsky and his work, Ishihara starts his journey in graphic design. As a Concept Artist, he played a key role in Child of Eden (2011) and Lumines: Electronic Symphony (2012). He then served as the New IP Director/Art Director for Rez Infinite (2016) and Director/Art Director for Tetris Effect (2018). Experienced in both 2D and 3D, Ishihara has a wide range of abilities and achievements.

Noboru Mutoh

Sound and Music Artist
As part of electronic music group metalmouse, Mutoh performed at large music festivals including Fujirock and Wire. After working on remixes for Genki Rockets and Steve Aoki, he joined the Rez Infinite team (2016), which won nominations for Best Music at The Game Awards and Audio Achievement at the BAFTA Games Awards. Mutoh serves as the Sound Director for Tetris Effect (2018).

Takako Ishida

Sound and Music Artist
Ishida gains experience as a Sound Designer on Child of Eden (2011). She continues to work in the same capacity on mobile titles 18 (2015) and Lumines Puzzle & Music (2016). Ishida leads the team as Sound Director for Rez Infinite (2016), which won nominations for Best Music at The Game Awards and Audio Achievement at the BAFTA Games Awards. She contributes to Tetris Effect (2018) as the Sound Designer.

Makoto Takanashi

Technical Art Director, Director
After years working on numerous projects at a larger video game company, Takanashi joins the Child of Eden (2011) team as an Art Director. He also spent time with the various Lumines releases and Tetris Effect (2018). Takanashi has led many projects to success based on his abundant knowledge and experience in design technology.

Eiichiro Ishige

Director, Producer
Ishige is a creator who covers a wide range of areas from conceptualization, production management, directing and producing. He served as the Game Design Director for Child of Eden (2011), Producer for Lumines Puzzle & Music (2016) and Lumines Remastered (2018). He also led the prototyping of the Vocaloid Synthesizer MV - 01 in collaboration with YAMAHA Y 2 (2012).

Yuki Kawawa

Artist, Director
Kawawa brings a wide range of experience having worked on several projects at major game studios as well as teaching at a university. HIs accomplishments are many, from concept design to managing teams, and launching small to large scale projects involving overseas partners.

Minoru Ogawa

Engineer, Programmer
A programmer with a strong interest in game design, Ogawa’s talents lie in user input/control systems and logic, which are key components in enhancing the overall user experience. He continuously challenges himself to create something entertaining out of something ordinary. Prior to joining Resonair in 2019, he spent ten years working on console games and another seven on smartphone apps.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi

Digital Storyteller, Music Producer, Synesthesia Artist
Mizuguchi has produced numerous IPs over the years including Rez (2001), Space Channel 5 (1999-2002), Lumines (2004) and Tetris Effect (2018). For Genki Rockets, his role ranged from producer, song lyrics to visual direction. As the Creative Director, he led projects including Child of Eden (2011), Rez Infinite (2016) and the Synesthesia Suit (2016). Mizuguchi is constantly thinking about how to create a brand new, unexampled synesthetic experience.
  • Rez Infinite (2016)
    Creative Direction, Art Direction, Sound Design, Sound Direction, Music Compose
  • Synesthesia Suit (2016)
    Creative Direction ; Tetsuya Mizuguchi + Rhizomatiks + Keio Media Design (Media Ambition Tokyo)
  • Lumines Remastered (2018)
    Produce, Direction, Art Direction, Sound Direction, Haptic Design
  • Tetris Effect (2018)
    Direction, Art Direction, Sound Design, Sound Direction, Music Compose


Shibuya, Tokyo
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